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A welcoming spirit <b>full of soul</b>
A welcoming spirit full of soul
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The team

João and Luis are the founders of Casa Amora.

At Casa Amora, they celebrate the creative, curious and wandering spirit of those who dream and do.

Each room is a tribute to a striking figure of Portuguese culture. Each day is a new discovery and not a single detail is left to chance. An interior journey through the city of Lisbon and Portuguese culture, in a house with an artist’s soul and a genuine love for the beautiful things in life.

Nita loves to cook and she loves taking care of babies. By putting her heart into both activities, she shares her unconditional love. Her favorite dish, she says, is Calulu, a recipe from her homeland, made with vegetables, kiabo, makeke, and aubergine. Her "riz-au-lait" is legendary. She says there is no secret to it, only good vibrations. “When I cook, I do it with love. I want people to eat, but above all I want them to feel good”. Barefoot, with her braids wrapped in an African print headband, she radiates serenity. “I don’t like to be stressed out”, she says as she chooses a romantic song.

Juan arrived in Lisbon in 2012, and he was one of the first to join the Casa Amora team. He’s a great host, always genuine and ready to help, and he couldn’t be happier with his job. He says he can “read” people and this helps him finding the best answers to every guest’s needs. At Casa Amora, he does a little bit of everything: he welcomes guests during the check-in, books a table at a super good restaurant and shares his place: relaxed and authentic, his arms wide open to the world and giving his best to make everybody feel at home. 

With a sweet, motherly nature, she is the dynamic housekeeper of Casa Amora. She makes sure that the atmosphere is as shiny as the spark in her smiling eyes. On weekends, she takes over the kitchen and prepares a wonderful breakfast. In between swimming laps, she dreams of a bigger kitchen and a more potent oven to give shape to her delicious pastries.

He prepares the rooms, supervises the laundry, takes care of the garden, verifies stocks and makes sure that everything falls into place. He loves everything about Portugal: “It´s a nice, quiet place. It’s good everywhere!”. Every time he prepares a barbecue for his friends and family, he’s the happiest man on earth. He loves to travel. Besides Lisbon, one of his favorite spots in Portugal is Serra da Estrela and he never forgets his trips to Spain and Malta.

“Guests are all different, we don’t speak the same language to all, and this tailor-made service makes a difference”. At Casa Amora since 2013, he does more than just paperwork. His job is to assist each guest individually and to anticipate his needs to create the best experience. Born in Germany, whenever it’s possible he flees the capital’s hustle and bustle, takes his van and sets off to Peniche, where he can relax by the sea. For him, “on the move” is a way of life. In Lisbon, he recommends taking the ferryboat to the southern bank of the Tagus river for an unforgettable view of the city.

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